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Nothing destroys bad ideas faster than being brought into daylight. I'd find quotes like in the OP if I went actively searching. Mariah carey semi nude. Circle jerk tumblr. Reddit is full of circlejerking attention whores. Or, hell, you can create your own sub with blackjack and hookers.

Circle Jerk Uploaded by RandomMan. Thankfully they are fairly contained though still frightening to read. Because one is the forest and one is the tree? You can't sic your followers on people, because the website doesn't really let you have a follower list. All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December All accuracy disputes Articles with disputed statements from October But I'm not going to find them browsing the competitiveforhonor subreddit, for example.

I guess it could come down to my own personal experience. Snip Well shit me a brick. Big tits and tight jeans. They wanked the hardest over shipwars because, well, adults fight over dumb shit just like kids. In reddit, you don't do this. I will say that is kind of cheating if you want to paint reddit as bad.

That doesn't stop the murderous, racist pirate clan from the next island over from raiding the peaceful sub-reddits from time to time, which I've seen happen all to often. Press 'i' to view the image gallery'v' to view the video galleryor 'r' to view a random entry. And Reddit does a far better job at segregating interests from each other.

The Last Meme Era Conjecture: Dooooes not do it for me. They wrote the best fic and drew the best art because they already had experience and skill built up. Circle Jerk Uploaded by Cyber6x. Even here on the Escapist you sometimes get posts hinting at that sort of thing in the political section, though often either only implied to avoid Modwrath, or having incurred Modwrath. You wanna see a stiffy? Everyone is right all the time. When the only types of people you see using it day to day are the types of people closest related to the whole "I'm a unicornkin" craze, then its much easier to just label the entire site as that.

Why would you subject yourself to that? They are all people who have the right to exist and give their opinions. Circle Jerk Uploaded by Sonata Dusk. Jeep girls nude. Grid View List View. To reject the Last Meme Era is in itself an expression of the movement. While circle jerks feature a homoerotic element, some analysts interpret adolescent boys' group activities such as circle jerks as an effort to establish heterosexual, masculine dominance within the group.

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Hence, it gets labelled big time, for being a relatively new thing. Rick Riordan has since put out six more books in that PJO verse, plus five books in two other mythological series.

Wait, people use tumblr for things besides porn? Yet when I paruse the supposedly more sane Reddit, I come across lovely quotes such as Likewise, users are www. Ebony lesbian milk. From what I understand, its similar on 4chan, just their naming conventions are often University of Wisconsin Press. So, by and large its not actually an abbreviation done to shorten things, its a direct reference to where something is found.

You must login or signup first! Get off the internet you shithead! You can always create another account, or you can go to a different sub that doesn't give a shit about what happened on the sub you got kicked out of. Does it even matter? It's just segmented nature of the site, really - the vast majority of Subreddits are totally fine. I saw the best minds of my generation destroyed by madness, starving hysterical naked.

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But the best thing about Tumblr, Reddit, shit even that thing know as 4chan you can make it on your own to customize the experience so that only cool shit you like pops up and ignore the other shit.

We see that you're using an ad-blocker! On Reddit, this doesn't really happen, because most communities are a lot smaller and less personally-connected than Tumblr. Circle jerk tumblr. As far as I'm aware, Reddit has an awful reputation - just a different one than tumblr has. Popular user doesn't like something somebody posts, so they send their followers after the person who posted the thing. Reddit is the capital of fedora fears le neckbeards ad nauseum and other forms of head up the assery. Silicone realistic dildo. I don't really understand why people can tolerate the site itself - every time I'm exposed to it I wonder if someone's not finished writing the website code yet, or there's a glitch in the system.

Reddit has a much broader user base in my experience, and thus the 'special snowflake' types that everyone loves to ridicule, as well as the hyper-racist types, tend to just get drowned out in your general cacophony, and if you try to generalise a redditor, you constantly run into surprises when you find that attractive 26 year old female uni student sitting next to you browses it, as does your 45 year old male boss.

Internet culture, specifically meme culture, can be roughly divided into distinct movements associated with time periods, much in the same way that paintings can be categorized into their respective art movements. If you continuously force an association on someone then demand they explain themselves, eventually the answer may become "because they have the right idea.

It doesn't really matter what board you're on; Reddit is anathema. Consider how many layers of culture you have to be familiar with to even understand what it means. Well, ok, maybe the staff. I don't think any other subreddit looks at them with anything but distain, even thedonald, redpill etc.

It's simple and i can give you 3 thrusts 1. Franky, I go to Tumblr for the porn. Pictures of sexy tits. As someone who'se leaning right of center, my view is that while reddit itself doesn't have a particularly bad rep, individual subreddits do. The nation has been coopted by fascists who choose to represent themselves with a cartoon frog. Aside from the le reddit army maymay you don't see plebbitors attack people as much as you see tumblrites doing so.

All I really know about it is that it's where the 64 genders and the sex as spectrum things come from. Conversely, on Tumblr, we have that new sort of ultra-feminist, which is kind of exotic and new and "Ooh, I ain't seen that before". It is nothing more than the self-cannibalization of the meme.

Tumblr is just fun to mess with for raiding, but reddit induces legitimate anger. For other uses, see Circle jerk disambiguation. That doesn't stop the murderous, racist pirate clan from the next island over from raiding the peaceful sub-reddits from time to time, which I've seen happen all to often. That's just the Tumblr way! Which is why you don't hear about it happening nearly as much.

Tumblr; A post about Club Penguin, a post about racism, 4 memes, a PC vs Console post, a music post, several poetry posts, a bunch of fandom posts, a nice landscape picture, and a bunch of that 'edgy' life inspiration quote stuff that's really a crock of nonsense.

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Jan 22, at Human sexuality Sexology Sexual slur Terminology of homosexuality. I just came across Percy Jackson, and I started reading a story of yours. Hot naked ass photos. They ran the forums, the fan and news sites because they had the money to host servers or buy domains or code the damn things. I checked it out once because a whole thread got derailed because of it. No thanks, take me back to the meme zone! I'd find quotes like in the OP if I went actively searching.

See my comment above where I guessed which subs your example quotes came from. Sexy young fat girls University of California Press. Rick Riordan has since put out six more books in that PJO verse, plus five books in two other mythological series. I also think it's a way for extremism to spread, not be contained.

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