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At least in the eyes of the onlooker. Desi aunty picture. Most people only have to put in a little work to have a rocking body some have to put in a lot, but all of it doesn't require extensive surgery. My muscles are toned, my butt is tight and the way my body is attracts a lot of guys, I can tell.

I like this answer too: I'd prefer someone that's not totally bent out of shape, but they don't have to be in tip-top condition either. Ugly face pretty body. Backgrounds for the new Forums dashboard theme. BonesjrMar 23, So I met this girl from school at a couple of partys these 2 weeks and she is really trying to met up just us 2 and she is very flirty about it but the problem is I dont know if its a good idea cuz apperently she doesnt have the best reputation from looks.

Posted August 16th, at 8: Mr-PocketMar 23, Had a 3-way with a butterface and a cute-faced girl with an average body. MarioMar 23, Bring back the main forum list. NaveedLife Follow Forum Posts: At best you get a threesome, at worst they leave you alone. What I really want is to be photographed for a street style blog. Lisa ann lesbian scene. Y'all can send the chubs my way. Chloe Sevigny is a 38 year old American actress best known for her work in the television show Big Love.

I had always found the cuter, geekier women to be cuter to me. Years ago a guy who meant the world to me actually called me lovely. I was at the gym today uhh do I even need to say that and was having a pretty interesting convo with some coworkers regarding faces versus bodies.

I'm terrible that way. You buy nice clothes for your smallest size only. Everyone knows your face ages before your body does. Its not the face you fuck, but the fuck you face. I suggest you try!! I'd be surprised about the poll results, if not for the fact I'm surrounded by typical game forum peeps. In a perfect society like nowadays everything needs to look good.

Omg, you did not just call Carrie Bradshaw a butter face!!! Who Does It Best? You can have a great body but not everyone will find you attractive if your face sucks. A busted face is expensive if not impossible to fix. Sexy nude milf photos. So I think maybe I should have taken more precaution in writing this post.

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I've dated both pretty face girls but very skinny, and a girl with a banging body but not so cute face. So if you have a 10 body and 2 face, they are not going to average it out and consider you a 6, they will probably consider you about a 3.

You motivate us, make fun pilates videos for us, give us plenty of tools to eat clean, and most of all, support us! I don't find either "important". Sexy girls eating each other out. Advertisements At my job there are tons of mothers that come in ugly as hell but have very hot husbands. But to answer your question, yes for some guys having a good body is all you need. Ugly face pretty body. Change facial hair styles, or grow facial hair, maybe shave it back - it all is up to you my friend. Posted August 16th, at 7: Posted August 16th, at Originally Posted by paleo.

You can have a great body but not everyone will find you attractive if your face sucks. They want to take my picture or draw my face. Why do you see girls with tooth gum ratio but not guys?

The fratty guys occasionally hit on me. Originally Posted by Robert5. Tumblr big cock gif. If so, I am a very giving person. Regardless of how much you do it.

Bring back the main forum list. These threads will be removed from "sticky" status to not be so in your face as you're browsing. I believe beauty really shines in personality though. And our culture values conventional hotness over style. Bodies can be improved or can go downhill. Sexy nude toes. Maybe because they want tall skinny girls. Jun 5, Messages: Thank you for everything you do.

Having a good body takes a lot of sustained effort. Maybe I would choose pretty face, and then work out, until my body turned hotter: Page 1 2 3. It's just a misunderstanding. Detailed information about all U. Mar 23, 4.

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Originally Posted by bebe Omg, you did not just call Carrie Bradshaw a butter face!!! Aka when they are looking to just have sex. Trust me, plenty of people are looking at you.

Posted August 20th, at Do you chat online with hot girls all day? Some men like body better than face, others like face better than body. On the other hand I know someone that thinks he's God's gift to women because he's built like Guile, but he has a complete baby-face he literally looks like the Gerber baby.

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