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Yes, the site was set up to expose the uncivility in city government. Escorts surrey bc. Unless, of course, you are all doped up on Jesus, Moses or Allah, in which case there is no hope for you. How funny is that? August 2, at 9: Politicians need to be smarter to protect all of us. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum.

The pictures appear to show Magazzu standing naked in front of a mirror photographing himself. Louis magazzu naked. Contact the author of this article or email tips gothamist. You are commenting using your Facebook account. I say Pray for this man tonight that he asks the Lord for forgiveness and seeks help for his lustful ways.

Magazzu is weighing his options in trying to get them removed from the website. The tawdry photos - taken in front of a mirror with a smartphone - are similar to those that led to Rep. Magazzu may be the good, the bad, or the ugly—you may have really valid reasons to despise him as a politician. Big tits domino. This is what happens when you let the Italians have an elected position. I was able to analyze the EXIF code, which is the information embedded in digital photographs.

If you dare, you can see the photos here click on photo galleryalthough Magazzu is demanding they be taken down. Dumb, dumb, dumb thing to do. I am proud of the years working together where we fought for the people of Cumberland County.

And trauma surgeons are reporting daily occurrences in hospitals from San Diego to Denver to Austin. He is much hotter than Weiner in a Daddy sort of way. Orthodox Jewish boy attacked on Brooklyn street.

Louis magazzu naked

Let the man live his life. Sounds like he was setup. House race as fraud investigation continues. He claims no government devices were used to receive or send the pictures. Male escort nashville. I would only request that our community show compassion for those whose pain I have caused so that we may begin to heal. He's been separated from his wife for about two years. August 3, at 9: The emails all traced back to the same account, it was valid, and it traced back to Lou.

Yeah, I guess it does. If you disagreed with Lou, you were mistreated. I thought it was a setup at first. We are doing a story on scumbag politicians who like to screw their constituents and send nude pictures of themselves to whoever.

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August 14, at I say Pray for this man tonight that he asks the Lord for forgiveness and seeks help for his lustful ways. I never hear about a thing about creating jobs for the County. Hot feets pics. Once he got a lawyer on the case, the papers decided it was a story. The greatest professional privilege of my life has been to serve as a Cumberland County Freeholder since my election in I feel bad for his wife and kids.

Does anyone have the full nudes? Originally Posted by Loveshiscountry I don't get why he stepped down. It is possible that the death toll, which stands at 88, will rise, if some remains were overlooked or are found later in forests or other areas that were not searched.

This is really a great web site. August 16, at 2: Lou is a douche. Sounds like he was setup. The board is collecting sworn statements from voters in rural Bladen and Robeson counties, near the South Carolina border, who described people coming to their doors and urging them to hand over their absentee ballots, sometimes without filling them out.

It started years ago when I wrote a letter to the editors of the area newspapers, calling Lou out for a press release he put out there saying he was responsible for the biggest tax decrease in county history. This is the equivalent of someone sending a letter with a picture through the post office and finding out that someone stole it, and is making copies. Wwe girls naked pics. Louis magazzu naked. Get over it it's just a cock, half of us all have one and most of the rest have seen one before and will see one again.

It was gut wrenching. Contact the author of this article or email tips gothamist. As long as the photos are of adults and are consensual, people shouldn't resign. Think of how this creep did his children. Using it to destroy his life: The photo facing the bathroom rug — shows what appears to be a somewhat unkempt aka hairy member. Can I see your dick? Mayweather, 41, the undefeated winner of world titles in five weight classes, and Khaled, 43, whose real name is Khaled Mohamed Khaled, were legally required but failed to disclose payments from issuers of ICOs to promote their offerings after the SEC warned last year that coins sold in ICOs may be securities subject to federal securities law, the SEC said.

Johnson said he is not a Republican. So, as for the photos, how did you get them? Robert T Armato Sr says: What took so long for word to get out there?

But, you really look like a frigging fool! That kind of perversion enjoys humiliating select females and family. Katherine bell tits. Sad thing, even nude, no one would be able to see anything It's free so why not?

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The pol will be sentenced to 3 years in prison for didn't actually break any laws but apparently it's tough to govern when people have seen your naughty parts. This is what happens when you let the Italians have an elected position. Anyone that dumb to put nude pic of yourself on the internet should not be one of our leaders he needs to go. Additional giveaways are planned. August 2, at

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He'll end up in some other public payroll position with a Water Commission, Turnpike Authority, Casino Authority we've got hundreds of 'em in order to keep boosting his gold plated pension and benefits and keep suckling on the most tax-money-rich teats in the nation. What is it about YOUR anatomy that you require the girth of a baseball bat? As far as Lou, I would bet any amount of money this is just the tip of the Ice Burg. Lisa ann lesbian scene. Louis magazzu naked. Its that poor judgement that should be remembered.

What was done to this guy was actually more disgusting that what he did. Buckeye PD later confirmed in an update: I agree with doc1 but, it's pretty much the same all over, not just NJ. You can help us by making a donation today! I thought it was a setup at first. Nude pictures of gates mcfadden Reaganite Republican gets it. He is much hotter than Weiner in a Daddy sort of way.

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